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  • Kevin Persaud, Sales Manager

  • Jared Rennert, Service Mananger

    Jared has been working in the car industry for over 10 years. He loves what he does because it's a fast-paced environment, it's a good living, and he truly enjoys helping customers with their vehicle needs. When he's not servicing cars, he is helping others in his local community.

  • Charley Echevarria, BDC Manager

    I have been in the auto industry for almost 6 years. I got my first job basically by coincidence, right place right time. I actually went in to get my car serviced and walked out with a job. Initially, I started to put myself through school but ended up liking the fast pace and it stuck. I have a two-year-old daughter who is picking up my passion for cars and it is absolutely amazing. I enjoy meeting the many different people of our neighborhood and seeing the new things that are coming.

  • Tommy McGuinness, Business Director

    Tommy has been working in the car business for over 38 years. He got into the business almost by accident! He went to purchase a vehicle and they offered him a sales position right then and there. He loves the thrill of a new challenge each day and the opportunity to meet new people. He takes pride in being associated with an industry that truly makes the world go round. He lives for his family and enjoys football, baseball, and car shows.

  • Stephen Oddo, Product Specialist

  • Jonathan Lakritz, Product Specialist

    I have been with Mazda for over 5 years and I love the direction that the company is going in by offering a premium automobile without the premium price tag. I like to spend my spare time hiking with the family and working on the garden.

  • Mohamad Hanif, Product Specialist
    516-285-0505 ext 424

    Mohamad was a client here before becoming a dedicated sales consultant! He is a lover of cars especially the Mazda 6. It was his first car but now he drives the current model. Before he got into the car business, he worked in the restaurant industry. Both deal with paying great attention to detail and giving great customer service. On his off time, he is a professional chef and plays cricket.